You’re a fashion icon in a zebra jumpsuit

In the past two years, the trend of onesie is fierce and unpredictable. Onesie has gradually become the inner and outer wear of some fashion bloggers, successfully integrating into the fashion circle. If you are concerned about clothing, you must have heard the saying, “To the extreme soil is the tide.” Of course, the original meaning of this sentence is not to say the real “soil”, but a kind of dare to be different, show their own characteristics of the bold dress.Maybe if you saw a guy in a jumpsuit on the street right now, you wouldn’t think he was crazy, you’d think it was a bold interpretation of being true to yourself. 

 Zebras get their name from the protective markings on their bodies. No animal has more distinctive fur than a zebra. A zebra has stripes all over its body like a human fingerprint — no two ends are identical. The charm of the zebra’s one-piece pyjamas lies in the complete retention of the characteristics of the zebra, the black and white crisscross lines will have a thin visual effect. Trailing a long tail behind, it looks cute and cute.

Pyjamas are made from a silky, soft flannel texture, which has the advantage of being soft and not causing skin allergies. But what you may need to know is that a long tail can cause problems, such as keeping it from falling off when you go to the bathroom, and it can hurt you when you sleep, making it uncomfortable. You have two choices. One is to sleep with your tail pulled away from your back, or to sleep with it on backwards. Another way to do this is simply to cut the tail off with a pair of scissors. Some people feel like they’re losing the soul of their cartoon pajamas without a tail, but if you don’t mind, you can just cut it off and fix the details of the cut mouth.

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